Thursday, August 23, 2012

Male Chastity Piercings

Chastity Belt & Iron Boot, The Clink Prison Mu...
 (Photo credit: nikoretro)

There is not much which really shocks me! I am a pretty open minded kind of guy and I fully believe in live and let live. I don't care what you do or who you do it with. I think I have been around a little and know my onions, but I read an article the other day that really made me think WTF? The article dealt with male chastity piercings. The headline caught my attention as I had never heard of it before, assuming it was a new male only body modification – boy was I wrong!

I've heard of chastity and we've all seen the imfamous chastity belt devices of times long since past, but I had never associated chastity with men. I know that's probably very chauvanistic thing to say, but I really hadn't. However, it seems that there is a whole community out there today where women keep men in chastity using barbaric looking devices that lock around the man's most prized body part. According to the article, the most expensive chastity devices require the man to have his penis pierced to hold the device in place! Now I've heard of genital piercing, I have a buddy with it done and as I said above that's cool with me. However, this takes thing to a whole other level. This type of chastity is refered to as 'advanced male chastity' and is advised only for those who want serious, secure chastity for their men. I guess the article was intended for those who are already aware of this practice because it didn't seem to reveal why you'd want to have your tackle locked up (these devices actually stop you getting aroused because if you were to get an erection it would hurt like hell!).

The article advocated using a chastity device in combination with a Prince Albert piercing, because other devices allowed for escape with enough lubrication and a little pain endurance. However, add a piercing into the mix and the device is as secure as it is going to get as it only allows for escape my tearing out the piercing (OUCH)! However, the main reason given was that the addition of the piercing made it more symbolic and showed the woman really had full ownership of the man. It's all about orgasm denial.

I'm all for a bit of kink if it floats your boat, but for me having a body modification to allow the wife to bolt a cage around your nether regions is a step too far!!